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Solar Lantern

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  • Portable, light-weight, unbreakable, compact but aesthetic shape form
  • Excellent general light as well as study light with 2-stage illumination
  • Can charge the battery even in low sunlight


  • Single 1W LED light
  • Anti-glare optics
  • 3.7V lithium ion battery requires 8 hours of solar charging
  • Battery charging: external solar panel or AC-DC adapter
  • Working temperature: -5 deg. C to +50 deg. C


  • Battery status indicators: charging, low battery, shut-off
  • 5V USB output to charge mobile phones, MP3 players, radio, etc.
  • Includes task light feature for customized directional light
  • Much brighter, consistent light compared to kerosene lamps
  • Green, smoke-free, hazard-free, healthy
  • Compatible with following Solastica products: Personal Power Pack and Togglite
Solar Lantern