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(Kbel) Solar Pumps

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Renewable Energy - Solar / Wind - Solar DC Pump Controller

  • Solar DC Pump Controller


Input Specifications : 48V DC 900W (from PV Panel)
                                           MPPT Point : 68V DC (adj.)
Output Specifications : 28V DC (adj.) 30A (CVCC)
                                           To charge 24V Battery ( Max.200AH Capacity)

  • Upto 30% more energy conversion efficiency as compared to ON/OFF and PWM type.
  • Reduction in wire thickness and hence cabling cost.
  • Battery Overcharge Protection.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection : Battery, PV and Load.
  • Load Protection : Overload,Short Circuit.
  • Prevents Reverse battery current into PV panel at night.
  • Multiple layers of conformal coating for environmental protection.
  • Compact size compared to other MPPT chargers.
  • LED indicators and Remote Alarm annunciators provision.

Renewable Energy - Solar / Wind - Solar AC Pump Controller

  • Solar AC Pump Controller


  • Uses MPPT technology to maximise water delivery at various solar energy levels without battery
  • Water pumped even in morning, evening and in cloudy weather at low speed / flow for over 12 hours per day
  • Can be used for both Monoblock or Submersible pumps
  • You can use existing pump setup so no need to buy new pump
  • Dual Input (Solar + Grid) Preferential Logic
  • Multiple pumps can be connected to single controller
  • Dc Power Meter included