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Product Features

  • World’s first Off-grid Micro Inverter , together with plug & play design
  • Total solution with PV module and Back-up system (optional)
  • Flexible system extension : 10 units in parallel - up to 2.4kw off-grid solar system (Patent)
  • Portable : Enjoy Ac power every time and every where


  MIF240 – LL MIF240 – HL
Input Data (DC)    
Recommended Input Power 240W 240W
Max. Input DC Voltage 45V 45V
Peak Power Tracking Voltage 24 ~ 40V 24 ~ 40V
Min. Start Voltage 22V 22V
Max. DC Short Circuit Current 12A 12A
Max. Input Current 10A 10A
Output Data (AC)    
Max. Output Power 220W 220W
Nominal Output Current 1.833A 0.917A
Nominal Voltage / Range 120V/105~132V 240V/211~264V
Nominal Frequency / Range 50 / 60Hz 50 / 60Hz
Mechanical Data  
Operating Temperature Range -40ºC to +65ºC
Dimensions (WxHxD) 220mm x 130mm x 37mm

Off-Grid PV Hybrid System