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MIG240 On-Grid Micro Inverter

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Product Features

  • Maximize system efficiency for better energy harvest
  • Higher reliability and better lifetime warranty than traditional string inverter
  • Higher ac output
  • Higher MPPT voltage: can be use even with mono-, multi-crystalline and 72-cell panels
  • Powerful web-based monitoring system through power-line communication
  • In-house production with flexible supply chain management and strong quality assurance

Specification - Micro Inverter

Input Data (DC)
Recommended input power (STC) 240W
Maximum input DC voltage 60V
Power tracking voltage 24~40V
Min start voltage 24V
Max. DC short circuit current 12A
Max. input current 10A
Output Data (AC)
Max output power 220W
Nominal output current 0.917A
Nominal Voltage / range 211 / 240 / 264 V
Nominal Frequency / range 59.3 / 60 / 60.5 Hz
Power factor >0.95
Peak inverter efficiency 94.1%
CEC weighted efficiency 93%
Nominal MPP tracking 99%
Mechanical Data  
Operating temperature range -40ºC to +65ºC
Night time power consumption 51mW
Dimensions (WxHxD) 220mm x 130mm x 37mm
Communication Power line
Certificates EN 61000-6-2
EN 61000-6-3
FCC Part15 Class B, UL 1741
IEEE 1547

MIG240 On-Grid Micro Inverter