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  • To prevnt the excess electricity generated by a solar system from flowing to the gird in other words, the solar system is gird tied but not feeding the gird..
  • Dynamically sense the load and adjust the Ac power output from inverter, matching power generated by solar system with load's requirement.
  • Exclusive solution together with Dafron string inverters.

AC Max. output Current 20A
AC Nominal Voltage / Range 220 – 240V @ 230V
Max. Input Current 20A
AC Frequency / Range 50 / 47.5 ~ 50.2Hz
AC Connection Single – Phase
General Information
Dimensions W x H x D in mm 300 * 250 * 90
Weight <5kg
Ambient Temperature Range -20 to + 65ºC
Humidity 0 to 95%, non-condensing
Protection Rating IP40
Indicator 3* LED (power / communication / warning)