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Bombay Insulated Cables and Wires Co. was incorporated in 1953 as a dealer for cables, wires and all things electric. In recent times, the director’s vision for a greener and more sustainable future has enabled the incorporation of a new division, BICW Solar that offers complete solutions for Renewable Energy, including sales, integration and consultancy services.

BICW Solar


Bombay Insulated Cables and Wires Co. has been a family business since its inception, and over the years every client and customer is treated with the same care and high value service and devotion that you would expect from a caring family member. With the incorporation of renewable energy, the familial concept is taken further by the use of solar products to reduce our carbon footprint on the Earth.


Why BICW Solar?

Bombay Insulated Cables and Wires Co. has reliably been around and carried out business in India for many decades. In 2013, we complete 60 years of goodwill and reliability. Besides being pioneers in the electronics and electrical fields, BICW Solar implements technology ourselves because we believe in using the best. Time has proven our reliability, as have our numerous loyal clients over the years.